Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

The aim of this policy is to ensure that students take courses they are well suited to and are able to make progress. We seek to provide courses that are well matched to the needs of our students, helping them to progress to higher education or good quality jobs, and are attractive to young people from other high schools.


Our entry requirement policy aims to ensure that all students study on a pathway which enables them to reach their personal best and progress on their chosen career pathway.

Students who achieve a level 4 at Maths and/or English will be required to resit that subject to achieve a level 5; we feel this will be of great importance in the job market and higher education in future years.

Our main entry requirements are as follows;

A minimum of 5 A*-C including English and Maths (to at least level 4) from five different subject areas.

A BTEC qualification may be counted as two GCSE equivalent if students opt to study on a vocational pathway, e.g, OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport and Applied Science.

There will be three pathways which students can follow based on their GCSE average point score.


GCSE Average Point Score

Programme of study


Typically 48 and above, equating to a B+/A- average across all GCSEs achieved

4 A-Levels


Typically 44 to 47.9, equating to a C+/B- average across all GCSEs achieved

4 A-Levels with one becoming an AS


Typically below 44, equating to an average of a C or below across all GCSEs achieved

3 A-Levels


We also have specific entry criteria for individual subjects:

A-Level Subject

GCSE requirement

Modern Foreign Languages

B or above in specific Language


5 or above (7 or above for Further Maths)

English Lang or Lit

5 or above in English Lang or Lit

Individual Sciences

B or above in specific science (plus 5 or above in Maths for Physics)

Computer Science

5 or above in Maths


4 or above in English Lang or Lit

Philosophy and Ethics

4 or above in English Lang or Lit


5 or above in Mathematics