Payment to Shelley College

Shelley College offers a number of ways to pay for school lunches, trips, events, revision guides, show tickets etc allowing parents to choose whichever method is most convenient to them.

Making Payments Online 

The simplest way to pay for school meals, trips or revision guides is by using the Shelley College Online Payments system. When your child starts school at Shelley College you will be sent a letter with a unique access code and instructions about how to set up an online account.   (Repeat copies can be requested at any time.)

The payment system is provided by Tucasi who specialise in payment solutions for schools and colleges and the same online account can be used for more than one child at the college or linked to children who are at other schools which use the Tucasi payment system.

Click Here to Visit the Online Payments System

Online Payment Features:

  • A secure way to pay which avoids bringing cash or cheques into school
  • Available 24 hours a day allowing you to make payments at your convenience
  • Accepts a variety of card types – Visa Debit and Credit, Mastercard, Maestro and JCB
  • An online history of all cash, cheque and online payments made to school for lunch money, trips and visits.
  • Accepts instalment payments for higher value trips
  • Email receipts for every online payment
  • Single account log-on for all siblings at the same school and even siblings from other schools which use the same payment system
  • Easier to budget – online payments are debited from your account straight away avoiding the sometimes lengthy clearing times of cheques
  • Additional user names can be set up for any student if other family members want to assist with payments online
  • Coming Soon … the online payment system will shortly be available on mobile devices making it even more convenient to top up lunch accounts or pay for trips

To find out more or to request another copy of your unique online access code, contact

Download user instructions on how to make Online Payment


Cheque Payments 

Lunches can be paid for by cheque payable to "Chartwells". Trips and events can also be paid for by cheque, payable to ‘Shelley College’.  Students paying for lunches can post cheque payments into the Payment Post Box near the school reception.  Any payments posted before 11.30am will be uploaded to the student’s account by lunch time and the transaction will show on their online account within a few hours.  Cheque payments for trips and events can be taken to the Finance Office at break or lunch or posted into the Payment Post Box  next to the Finance Office.  (Please note that the clearing time for cheques can take up to 15 working days.)


Cash Payments 

Shelley College also continues to accept cash payments for lunches, trips and revision guides etc.  Cash payments for school lunches can be paid into Touch Screen Top Up Machines stationed around the college.  Cash payments for trips, events and revision books can be made by students to the Finance Office in college at break or lunch time.  All cash transactions are uploaded and visible on your online account within a few hours.


Links To Other Finance Pages 

For further queries about finance or payments, please contact the Finance Office by telephone on 01484 868777 or by email at