Record Breaking GCSE Progress Scores released

We are pleased to announce that record breaking GCSE results have been achieved for the fourth consecutive year.  The Progress 8 scores are:

Overall +0.66 

English +0.85 

Maths +0.69 

Ebacc +0.65 

Open +0.50 

Progress 8 is calculated by determining each student’s performance across a range of eight different subjects including English, Mathematics, three EBacc subjects (from languages, geography, history, science or computing) and three other GCSE or Vocational qualifications. Their performance is then compared to the attainment of other students nationally who started secondary school with the same Key Stage 2 results profile.

A student will achieve a positive Progress 8 score if their performance is above that of other students nationally and a negative Progress 8 score if their performance is below. Individual Progress 8 scores are then aggregated to give a score for each school. For example, if a school’s Progress 8 score is +0.5 this means that students have, on average, achieved half a grade higher in each of their subjects compared with other students with the same Key Stage 2 starting point.

Therefore, on average our students achieved two thirds of a grade higher than expected across all their GCSE subjects. I hope you agree that this is an amazing achievement.