Shelley College - Full Governing Body


Surname Forename Title Position LAAP Date of appt End of Term Specific Responsinbility
Wilson Nick Mr Trust Governor - Chair   03.08.2011 13.07.2019 Chair SC Full Governing Body
Chair SC Resources Committee
Davis Guy Mr Trust Governor - Vice Chair   21.10.2014 20.10.2022 Vice Chair SC Full Governoing Body
Resources Committee
Cooper Smith Carol Mrs Trust Governor   21.10.2014 20.10.2022 Chair - Shelley College Evaluation & Improvement Committee
Safeguarding & LAC
Horsfall-Jones Ali Mrs Parent Governor   19.01.2015 18.01.2019 Governor training
Evaluation & Improvement Committee
Disadvantaged Students
Storey Ann Miss Parent Governor Yes 23.03.2017 22.03.2021 Evaluation & Improvement Committee,
Resources Committee
Rawling Rachel Ms Teaching Staff Governor   28.09.2017 27.09.2021 Evaluation & Improvement Committee
Dukeson Amelie Miss Non Teaching Staff Governor   17.01.2017 16.01.2021 Evaluation & Improvement Committee
Resources Committee
Wadsworth David Mr Ex-Officio (Principal)   n/a n/a Principal - Shelley College


Shelley College - Members in attendance only


Surname Forename Title Position LAAP Date of appt End of Term Specific Responsibility
Hewitt Andrew Mr Vice Principal - Curriculum   n/a n/a In attendance only
Wadsworth Greg Mr Vice Principal - Pastoral   n/a n/a In attendance only
Sykes Lucy Mrs Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning   n/a n/a Evaluation & Improvement Committee
Lally Carrie Mrs Business Manager   n/a n/a Resources Committee