Commitment to Learning

Commitment to Learning

At Shelley College we want every one of our students and members of staff to enjoy coming to our school and for all of us to try our very best in everything we do.

Our aim is summarised as:
Valuing People and Supporting Personal Best”.

To support your son/daughter to achieve their personal best, the commitment to learning policy is based on a continuum of consequences.

The positive consequences are to reward the efforts the students make. Students will receive ‘achievement points’, for effort, progress and excellence. We will consistently look to employ strategies to support your son/daughter achieving their Personal Best and being recognised for the contributions they make. Students will be recognised and rewarded consistently through, weekly form celebrations, certificates, postcards, phone calls home, termly rewards assemblies and the end of year Activities Day.

The negative consequences ‘behaviour points’ are a result of students not following the agreed expectations in the classroom and around school including travelling to and from school. Whilst we understand that students may make mistakes the important thing is they learn and don’t keep making the same mistake.

As a school community we will do everything we can to ensure students’ commitment to learning is positive, so that the learning opportunities can be maximised. Negative consequences include; departmental detentions; pastoral detentions, senior leadership team detentions, internal isolations and in extreme cases fixed term or permanent exclusions.

Our aim is to support every student to achieve their potential, and as a result we utilise a range of strategies to meet their needs. We do however, require all students and their parents/carers to agree to the Shelley College Expectations of behaviour as set out in our Commitment to Learning Policy. Thank you in advance for your support.