Head Boys & Girls

Head Boys & Girls

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Head Boy William Amos
Deputy Head Boy Charlie Knapper
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Amelia Henfrey

Deputy Head Girl Kimberley Smith

Below are comments from our previous incumbents. James has now gone on to study Architecture and Natalie to study Physical Ed. & School Sport, both at Sheffield Hallam University. Both were offered unconditional places prior to examinations, based on their academic performance, the quality of their personal statements and references provided by their tutors.

2014 Head Boy
James Fearnley

I chose to study at Shelley College as I felt it was a natural progression from lower school. I knew that at Shelley I would be valued for my individual talents and qualities rather than a number or a result machine. At Shelley the college experience is just as important as your lessons which I really enjoy. Our sixth form has a great community spirit as it is not as large as many others in the area, which allows you to have good working relations with staff, who are always willing to help.

In 2012 our school had £1 million pounds spend on regeneration works meaning we now have a new learning resources centre, Mac suite, and multipurpose hall. The school is constantly investing in student welfare and has a great pastoral system in place to act as a safety net if you do find you are struggling.

As head boy it is my role to work with Natalie and the students to get their ideas and make our college a better place. Shelley is very unique as it has the quality of listening and adapting to student needs.





2014 Head Girl
Natalie Shorthouse

I chose to study at Shelley College as I had progressed through lower school and felt that I was valued as a name and not a number. As a result of this, I knew I had a strong support network if I needed it and exactly which teachers to ask for help. Furthermore the teachers knew me well and understood my learning style and as such they were able to provide me with the necessary support and guidance. I was also drawn to Shelley when I found out there was an opportunity to do enrichment every Wednesday afternoon. During my time in sixth form,

I have had the opportunity to take part in community work, classroom support, circuit training, first aid and leading the student council. This year James and I have been tasked with leading the student council. We meet every Wednesday to discuss changes which we consider beneficial and improve the student life. We feel it is important to build strong links between lower school students and the sixth form students.

We are currently launching the new house system and looking at ways to raise funds to refurbish the year 11 social area. We also have the responsibility to bring fresh new fundraising ideas for example; children in need we organised a giant out door obstacle course for staff and students. Links with the community is something that is unique to Shelley College along with our brand new climbing wall, assembly hall and dance studio.