SHARE Multi-Academy Trust

SHARE Multi-Academy Trust

SHARE multi-academy trust is a new partnership created to provide services and support to benefit the children we teach. We believe that by working together, sharing our expertise and resources, schools grow and improve.

We officially started operating on 1st April 2015 and our members consist of two outstanding, national teaching and national support schools in Heaton Avenue Primary School and Shelley College, together with Millbridge Junior, Infant & Nursery School. Heaton Avenue and Shelley College are the co-founders of the Green Light Alliance, a national teaching school, with the brief to train teachers and improve standards across a partnership of schools.

Our priorities for this year are to establish ourselves as a successful partnership with a track record of improving standards of education, provide efficient and effective support services, to embed strong and supportive values in our partnership activities and to communicate our offer clearly to partners and potential partners.

Our aims

We want to create a mutually supportive family of schools because we believe that, by sharing our expertise and resources, we improve the quality of education for our children and young people.

We think that a multi-academy trust can bring benefits to all its members. For example, we can make purchases in greater bulk and achieve better value for money or we could pool our resources to pay for a teacher with a greater level of expertise, who can support and share best practice across our schools.

Our values

Our central belief is “Valuing People, Supporting Personal Best” and we apply this to everybody in our organisation, staff and children alike. We try our best to support and encourage each other, we work hard at communicating effectively and we always try to achieve the very best we possibly can in the circumstances. We review our practice honestly and are always open to suggestions as to how we can improve further.

Schools joining our Trust will be given the freedom to make decisions about what is best for the children they care for and teach. Our central trust team will provide the support to make this happen and, if necessary, the challenge and expertise to drive the improvements that are needed.

We provide central services that improve the provision for our pupils and help each partner school achieve better value for money. Our aim is to minimise waste and bureaucracy, so that our resources can be used to benefit the children and young people we teach. We believe in giving partners ownership of their work and want our structures to support this aim.

Objectives for 2015-16

Our objectives for the next twelve months are:

  • Act in a manner that attaches the greatest importance to the quality of education and support we can provide.
  • Help Millbridge Junior, Infant & Nursery School improve to the extent that it is consistently providing a good education to all its pupils (as defined by the OFSTED framework).
  • Establish effective leadership and management structures that are focused on providing the best possible educational outcomes for children and young people.
  • Further develop common processes and policies, which help share planning strategies, data and benchmarking information across our schools.
  • Systematically share best practice amongst staff in the MAT.
  • Establish effective and efficient support services and procurement practices, to help each school achieve the best possible value for money.
  • Explore opportunities for growing the multi-academy trust in a sustainable and responsible manner, ensuring it continues to provide a high quality for our pupils.
  • Communicate the aims and successes of the Trust to interested parties, particularly parents.